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Hello, my name is Chaerlie and I'm transgender mtf just starting here.

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Hello everyone, my name is Chaerlie and I'm transgender m2f and new here. I'm an Australian too, so I apologise in advance if I come across as being a bit too direct, and I'll keep the lingo to the least cryptic level possible.  No drop bears here. 

I would love to connect with other Aussies primarily, though I'm not going to turn away anyone who contacts me (unless you are an insensitive, trolling, pain in the proverbial !) So please feel free to contact me about anything at all. 

There's 44 years of history to me so far. I'm pre hrt, grs, every thing else though I'm suspecting that I may be intersex as i have a more female shaped body than a male one and I have gynocomasty too, so my b cup boobs are all natural and old friends now.  So for about 30 odd years I've wanted to be on the outside what I felt I was already on the inside, a woman. Problem is, I'm having some difficulty with finding my way through the maze that is being transgender here in Australia. I want to go on hrt and really get the ball rolling but just don't know where to start or who to turn to that can then help me achieve my goals.

I'd really welcome any help, and/or suggestions as to where to start or who to see that can guide me through this process. Australian contextual help would be most helpful, but I'll read through any helpful posts to try to bring myself up to speed, as it were.

So, that's why I'm here, in a nutshell. 

I also hope to be able to help others here too, if at all possible. 

And remember....No one chooses to be transgender, it chooses us!15476295931704872595704860632705.thumb.jpg.b587fc74a696499c0c471e2dfe4f8cc8.jpg1542908591190.jpg.5507641d336c2695516791a9f41ce1a8.jpg

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Hi Codeawayhaley, pleased to meet you!
I'm in Perth.
Where are you?

Are you a bit of a programmer, are you?

I'm a telecommunications network technician and IT professional.
Mostly set up data networks over various mediums. Copper, optic fibre and RF links, suck as 4g, microwave and WiFi too.

Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk

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    • By Raphael
      Gender theory is interesting.
      Growing up AFAB, my experience with my gender and identity has always been shaky. And now that I know I'm nonbinary maverique, even that's shaky. Well, my identity itself isn't shaky, on the contrary it's quite strong. But the whole experience being trans and nonbinary is an experience in of itself.
      People always talk when they talk about their coming out to themselves story like ive always known i was this or that! But honestly that wasn't the case for me. I identified as a girl for so so long and I mean in retrospect I didn't really mind it in any sense. Even one time, my abuser once asked me what was wrong with being cis and in fear of inciting an argument I just agreed with him. A whole 'nother can of beans.
      Anyways I was always just like there's no other option than for me to be a girl. Then I met the internet.
      I had some friends on birbsite who were like hey I'm not of the binary and I'm like dude thats cool but never really thought of it in my personal context. I guess my life experiences brought me to a point where I really didn't think about myself in a self reflected way. But something I always hated about myself was, well, everything. My name, my super long hair, my feminine body, my face. And I always just assumed it was because depression but I actually thought like a month ago, Maybe the root of depression was dysphoria all along!
      I went by the name Ocean for a while just online and for a few months on the irl. It was similar to my legal name which I have hated and always hated for various reasons, and now consider it a deadname. I'm so uncomfortable with people calling me my deadname now that I get extremely anxious over it. My housemate keeps calling me by my deadname constantly nowadays either on purpose (i think so) or on accident (unlikely bc why tf would all my friends transition to my new name so easily but this person who probably doesnt even like me makes these mistakes all the fuckin time jfc) and they like to call themselves the best trans advocate of all time and w/e but that, too, is another whole can of beans.
      I used to have super long hair back in the day. Now I'm nearly bald. I intend to keep my hair like this, or just long enough so my curls show. I feel so very comfortable with my appearance now, though with my weight I still struggle to accept my beautiful fat body.
      And also, the more I start to accept my body for it's size, the more I become physically dysphoric. I constantly want different genitalia, no boobs, basically have the ideal androgynous body (but honestly i wanna look more man-ish than androgynous).
      Being maverique is challenging in and of itself as well. People who are cool with gender and sexual minorities (aka "allies") tend to not be ok with these more niche terms and labels towards gender. I've had quite the experience with people making oh there's 800 genders nowadays back in my day there were 2 yet they call themselves cool with the LGBT (again, aka "allies" (I'm not particularly fond of allies as you can see)). I once came out to my class when we were simply looking at the binary but the trans binary. I was like hey not to like further complicate things but this is what I am and like this contributes to the ideas being shown here in interesting ways. Everyone was so interested in the kid who barely talks in class. In some ways, I felt acknowledged and respected by my peers, especially those who were in one way or another trans themselves, and in other ways, I felt oggled at. I felt like an example, a spectacle.
      This whole post seems so incoherant at the moment. I kind of don't like talking about gender, specifically mines because of how I don't know...It's not that I feel ashamed and uncomfortable, but more like I feel if I simply say, I'm nonbinary maverique, then I have to prove it by showing myself off and constantly talking about it. You know how people are like "why do gays always talk about how gay they are?" and I'm like well I know why because we're all so marginalized since birth that when we come to accept ourselves for who we truly are, it's like having to suppress a major identity that you just can't talk about because of marginalization. And I'm so marginalized that I feel I have to simultaneously assimilate to cis culture and yet be the model trans person. I have to be the person who always talks about gender yet simultaniously makes nothing about gender because that would be annoying.
      And it sucks even more that I'm so cis passing that I hate my every waking moment.
      But anyways, that's my experience! I wanna know what your experience is, if any, about being trans or nonbinary or both is like, if you can relate, and if you have any questions about my identity? I want to know what people think and experience!
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