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  1. High stress does inhibit sex drive; evolutionarily if you were being chase by a tiger (or insert other threats early humanity faced) you didn't need to be thinking about sex, just getting away. Stress is the same thing just more chronic.
  2. Neuroinformatician (academic focuses: Neuroscience, & Genetics and Genetic Disorders). Neuroinformatics is where computer science meets medical science (bioinformatics), and is also part of neuropsychology. We design software tools, and process data associated with the various levels of information that allow the nervous system to work.
  3. @AudryLeigh Sexuality is a bit more flexible than "you are born with it", while it tends to be stable over long periods of time it can drift, and/or shift suddenly but I think the important thing is that it's not a choice it is much more deeply encoded in the brain. While no definitive genes have been found it is likely that like sexual differentiation which has a network of genes that modify the expression of other genes to give quite varied outcome, sexuality likely has some genetic component as well which is then built on by epigenetics (modulating gene expression via methylation, acetylation, and phophorylation of the nucleotide bases and histone proteins), and neural changes over ones life. @cons I would probably change it to "disinterest in sex or lack sexual attraction which hold stable over time" however my definition doesn't define forms of gray asexuality (such as demisexuality) so it could do with some more work. It is probably easier to define traits of sexuality in the same way we categorise personality as a multidimensional graph with each axis representing a continuum of a particular aspect due to the complex relationship between different aspects, however it may make it more difficult for the average person to get what is meant.
  4. On one hand you have someone you wish to distance yourself from, and on the other hand you'll be moving away from a support group (people you can trust, and be open with). If you do end up moving it might be wise to see if there is some program they have for accessing therapy without paying too much (e.g. in Australia if a doctor signs off on a mental health plan it entitles you to 12 sessions a year which may or may not be covered by government funding depending on circumstances, other places have different set ups) to give yourself time to find and connect with a new support group because while the initially stressor that lead to depression, and self-esteem is distanced you may still experience a temporarily worsen depression in response to losing you support group and being somewhere where you haven't got robust connections with people.
  5. Firstly I'm autistic I don't think in serial way therefore to even translate my thoughts into serial stream of characters is not that simple, which is why grammar is exhausting because it doesn't fit nicely with the way I think which is branched. Also my point is prescriptivist attitudes fail to accept that languages evolved, and all dictionaries worth their salt are descriptivist. To then say this is what is in the dictionary therefore this is how one should correctly use this word is a rediculous way to view language, especially english which is spoken so widely with large variety of lexicon and dictionaries typically document how one particular dialect uses this particular string of Latin characters and how it is used. To hold a dictionary to such standards as "how the language should be" is to deny language diversification, if everyone followed that we'd still be using the word "gay" to mean "happy" only, or maybe whatever it meant before that as it has likely changed meanings before.
  6. Language is always changing to say one meaning is correct over another is a prescriptivist view; prescriptivism is a dying view point as it should be because it doesn't acknowledge that languages evolve, and faster than many people realise. Secondly it is incredibly rude to call someones grammar attrocious and that poor grammar is less credible, you don't know the situation of the person; that person may have English as their L2 tongue. Also I spend a fair amount of time using proper grammar during the day in Academia, I'm not going to use it all the time online it is exhausting, and an entirely different language register if people are judgy based on grammar alone and don't ask questions or clarification that their problem, not mine. As for the number of dialects I wasn't just talking about the US, I don't live in the US and in my country alone there is at least 3 different dialects.
  7. Because umbrella term makes it easier to discuss things involving all of a group, and the difficulty of coming up with a umbrella term is that humans are fluid, and all terms will eventually be replaced with newer terms while older terms fade into obscurity, that is as much to do with how people identify, as much as it is language evolution. Firstly it wasn't always just men who like men it took a while from its adoption to be a less scientific jargon synonym to homosexual to what it is mostly used today for, ie men who like men, however you got also remember depending on region that distinction never truely took hold so very much depends on the dialect of English used. As for people trying to erase gay men I really don't think that is the intention, and you kind of used it just then in a way that implies gay can be used as an adjective for other groups "gay men" which is also how most people who do used as a umbrella for not-heterosexual do tend to use it when specifically reffering to men (while I don't personally use it as an umbrella term).
  8. I don't think it is important, I've come close to it many times but I've given up they aren't the kind of people you should come out too they will just use it to make hurtful jokes and bully.