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  1. If there is to be an umbrella term, I don't think that "gay" should be it. It should be reserved for males as lesbian is for females. Precision in meanings has advantages.
  2. Ham radio is easier to get into than ever before. No Morse code requirement anymore and there are numerous study guides and practice tests online. I've been a ham for 28 years and got my Amateur Extra license 26 years ago. Back then it wasn't as easy. I live alone and it gives me a way to socialize.
  3. Hello everyone! In case you're wondering, my user name is also my surname! It's an old English name from the 11th century. Rare now but still around. Anyway I hope we get lots of activity! I'm into lots of things, ham radio, sports cars (see "about me" in my profile) computers and tech (studied electronics in college and worked as a tech) and researching unusual things of all kinds. If it's weird and not many know about it I'm probably interested in it. Or I will be when I discover it.
  4. I've never been on an airliner but plenty of small planes. I've been on ships plenty, never got seasick, even the first time. I'm going to be taking a long distance flight in December. I hope I don't get sick but I think I would have by now with all the time spent on seas both calm and rough. I think it will be similar.