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  1. From what I read, I guess she might be hinting you that she is fond of you too. "if I could be in a relationship with a girl" - never try never know. And it's better than regretting it in the future. I would say just follow your feelings. I had a very close friend back then (11 years ago) when I was training in the national service. I spent a lot of time with her despite being in rival teams, I go to her team dorm all the time, I sleep in her bed, she fanned me using cardboard and all sweet stuff you could possibly imagine. I had a crush on her later on but I pretended nothing because well we human hate losing someone/something so we dare not to step forward. I wasn't doubting my sexuality as I always knew I like girls. We were so close, but one day she shut me down, I didn't know what I did wrongly. I tried all ways to find it out. I was so heartbroken until the day we separated after the training was completed. Time flies and my broken heart healed. Two years later, after we all have our own life, she confessed to me that in order to protect herself from feeling sad leaving me after the training ends (our hometowns are far apart), she chose to keep a distance from me while we still in the camp. While she did not explicitly tell me that she likes me, during the two-years-later-confession, she told me she "fell in love with her sister's friend who is a lesbian" but she stopped herself from thinking about "her" because her final destiny is to marry a man due to culture and perceptions. I accepted whatever she said and never confessed my feelings for her (back then) until today. As with my current girlfriend, I told myself not to play the game anymore or else I would regret it. So, I confessed to her 7 years ago when I had crush on her, and that's the best decision I've ever made. I know a lot of people would choose to stay in current comfort zone. But my advice is please follow your feelings but you must expect the worst outcome to minimise disappointments! Good luck!
  2. Has anyone watched the movie Carol released back in 2015? I might be a bit too late to watch it (bookmarked it long ago!), but I really like the movie! The main actresses are so fine in acting, not to mention the storyline of how two women fell in love in the 50s.
  3. self


    Hello Rita! Welcome to the forum! Out of all your hobbies, I love listening to music and watching movies in the cinema
  4. Hi Thiago, welcome to the forum. Same in the place where I live now.. At the same time of knowing more people (especially youngsters) support LGBT, it's sad to also know more people are against us.
  5. Hi Brendan, welcome to the forum. I can read and speak Mandarin too, so I understand what you mean there I've been to China when I was really young, never been to Taiwan before.
  6. I have a friend that always define herself as a lesbian and she has always been a lesbian (love women to death). But at some point in her life, she started feeling attracted by men, she was so confused. Also, another friend, she has always felt trapped in the wrong body and wanted to be a man so badly (but transgender is very frown upon at her place so she couldn't do anything about her feeling of wanting to change) but many years later she's becoming more and more feminine and feeling comfortable being a female now. My point is, there's probably no absolute answer as to why the confusion appeared. See if the feeling will fade (or maybe has faded since you posted this)?
  7. Hey @Alana sorry as I just noticed this post. I am notified by my server monitoring service whenever the server is down (usually due to insufficient RAM and/or disk storage space). but I have been struggling to broadcast announcement to all the members whenever there's a downtime or whenever I am to upgrade the site to the latest version. Not everyone is on here and not everyone is on Twitter/FB.
  8. I sometimes wonder whether it's asexuality or it's low sex drive (due to constantly living under stress). I once thought I might be asexual, but I could also be just experiencing low sex drive due to my high stress level.
  9. I live in a country where LGBT is mostly frown upon, so there's a lot of us hiding behind social network because we can be anonymous!
  10. I would still prefer gay as gay, lesbian as lesbian, and so on. I see many article titles like "xxx (both men and women) come out as gay". I mean it's fine for me since I understand what the articles are trying to convey, but maybe more or less media like this is one of those that influence how people use the gay term.
  11. Hi there, Just to make sure we all know our moderators. Any reported content can be moderated either by myself or the moderators. @Raphael @Codeawayhaley @Barefoot
  12. Ahh, I owe you a rainbow username, there you go!
  13. Hi Audry, please forgive me for the late in welcoming you! I set up this forum, but I didn't even have much time for it, my bad! Thank you for spending time writing here and introduced yourself (I wished I could do that so naturally). This forum doesn't offer much as of now, but I hope it will grow in the near future.
  14. Heyy.. You guys might not know who I really am, because I have never really introduced myself in details as I just want to be an anonymous on the Internet due to my family background and culture background. I live in a toxic family for the past 29 years (yeah, since I was born I was living a disaster life - not going into this), perhaps it was just my mother that is the toxic and abusive one. I've been away for many years studying abroad just right after my depression hit me so hardly back in 2011 - all because the mental and physical pressure that came from her. But who saved me? My very positive girlfriend whom I love her very much. My mother is selfish, abusive and a control freak. Now that I have finished the highest level of my education, I want to seek job elsewhere, preferably in another country (which I had one in mind). But this means I am leaving everyone else that I love. My girlfriend, my siblings, my godfamily. I want to be successful, but my self-esteem is so low and I'm lack of confident to even work in another country. Being employed or not is another story, but I can't even make my first move to leave. Not sure if I could get some advice from you all?
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    Hi Barefoot, I guess me and you, we've been "knowing" each other for quite some years now. Welcome abroad. Sorry for not responding much to you as I have very personal stuff to deal with now and then.