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Sep 2, 2018
Hey y'all

I'm new to this site, and I know that this is a very touchy subject for a lot of people and I really don't want to start any "heated discussions," or offend anyone, but... I am a transsexual, but am most definitely NOT transgender. My gender is and has always been female. I changed my sex from male to female to be in line with my gender. Having been AMAB at a time long before people were aware of the incredible variety of gender identities and sexualities, I was programmed as a male and, for a long time, acted the part, including having some very much male jobs, but I have always known that deep down inside I was female. So, yes, I did change my presentation socially from male to female, but my gender has always been female. As a result, I'm not really comfortable being lumped in with transgender folk. The terms transsexual and transgender look and sound a lot the same, but really the only thing they have in common is a prefix, and prefixes don't change the meaning of the root word. The difference between transsexual and transgender is the difference between sex and gender, which are most definitely two separate things. To a large degree, I feel like transsexuals are being erased by putting us in the transgender category, and acting like we are just another one of the many gender variants, which we are not. I feel that I have very little if anything in common (regarding sex and gender issues) with transgender folk, and I feel very much left out when there is no place for me to be, and putting myself in with transgender folk, just because there is nowhere else for me to go, feels like I am reinforcing the [almost certainly unintentional, but still very real] erasure of transsexuals. Nobody would argue that lesbians should be lumped in with gays because they are really just gay women, but in fact that is the case though they are (appropriately) given their own identity, whereas transsexuals are NOT really just another gender variant, but yet we are treated like we are. If the LGBTQ+ community categorizes gays and lesbians separately, how do they justify not recognizing transsexuals as different, and therefore separate from transgender folk. I've heard all the arguments, but none of them acknowledge in the slightest that there is actually a profound difference between us. For transgender folk, the issue is gender, for transsexuals the issue is sex, so how is it that transsexuals are not seen as being different from transgender folk. We ARE different. We are very different. Our issue is sex and has nothing to do with gender. We have a birth defect in that our bodies are defective -- they are the wrong sex. Our medical and psychosocial needs are different. The process of transitioning is very different. Is it really one of those things where if you aren't transsexual, you really can not understand what the issue is? Gender <-> Sex, it's that simple (and that different).

Anyway, I'm done whining, I just wonder if I'm going to fit in here, with no place to be.

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