Transsexual Lesbians

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Rainbow Members
Sep 2, 2018
OK, let's see if we can jump start this forum with a controversial topic -- transsexual lesbians. I'm a transsexual lesbian, and I've been both welcomed and harassed on different sites. Some people argue that since transsexual women are women, transsexual lesbians should be treated no differently on LGBTQ+ sites that cis lesbians. Others argue that since we are biologically different from cis women, we should be excluded from the lesbian category, Some make a distinction between those of us who have had bottom surgery, and those of us who have not (I have not). I agree 110% that a transsexual person should disclose their status as transsexual right up front to anyone with whom any degree of intimacy seems likely to develop, but if you're not going to end up in bed with someone, I don't think it should be an issue. Regardless, I think transsexual lesbians should be accepted as part of the lesbian community, just as they should be accepted as women and not something different.

TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) are a small but vocal group who advocate keeping Transsexual women from being accepted as women, and therefore would exclude them from being part of the lesbian community as well, but TERFs are radicals and I don't give their opinion much credence.

Though I do know quite a few transgender folk who identify primarily as female, most of them also identify as non-binary, so I'm not sure where that puts them in regards to all this. It seems like the "trans" folk who identify as binary (male or female) are [almost] all transsexual. Transsexuals tend to be binary in their gender, because their whole issue is that they are, as a person (as opposed to an animal, which we all are, BTW), opposite to their biological (animal) sex, and since sex is binary, opposite would be binary as well.

So, what do people here think? Should transsexual lesbians be treated any differently bu the lesbian community than cis lesbians -- and if so, why?