referring to oneself in third person

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Rainbow Members
May 6, 2018
Does anyone else refer to themselves in the third person on occasion (or more often)?

Personally, I use it sometimes when I just want to be able hear my own name and pronouns being used by *someone* and no one else is. Rarely, I'll use it along with my deadname and old pronouns to contrast an action that I would have done whilst being an egg versus what I would do now. I have a friend that does something similar to that, but basically just refers to anything before he did before he came out as being done by his deadname.

I'm not sure , but I could also see it possibly being something that happens while dissociating or depersonalizing, but that isn't really the case for me personally.

My wife finds my use of third person disconcerting, though, because she is having a hard time seeing egg me and out me as the same person. It's frustrating, but that may be a subject for another post.


Staff member
May 6, 2018
I do, but it tends to be a mark of frustration with something I did like if something turned out not to work the way I intended and I didn't foresee the outcome. I do occasional do so for other reasons, but primarily a sign of frustration.


Rainbow Members
May 6, 2018
I mostly speak in the second person to myself to validate myself. When I do speak in the third person it's when I'm referencing someone saying something to me or about me in the past which is pretty normal I think.