Raphael, the moderator!

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Staff member
May 1, 2018

Hey guys,

So 1@Raphael[/USER] will be taking up the position as one of our moderators. Feel free to introduce yourself again here.

What does a forum moderator do? Well, in short, to moderate forum content, to ensure no members can misuse the forum.

That said, we admins and moderators will not misuse our power too. Staff members are here to ensure the forum community is running smoothly.

For now, one moderator should suffice since we have not much content yet. But if anyone wishes to be a moderator and is passionate like Raphael, you can drop me a PM first. This means you will be considered before any other members that show interests after you.  



Rainbow Members
May 6, 2018

Hey its ya boi Raphael! So excited to be moderator for all y'all! I feel committed to making sure this forum is a safe and sound place for everyone and to be a support and friend for you all. As self said before, my role is to make sure the forum is used for its intended purpose and also to help harbor a good community where we can all feel safe and free to express ourselves. That being said, if you have any questions on anything, may that be technical difficulties or important forum community details, my inbox is always open! I am a college student, so I might not be 24/7 on here but I will try to be as active as I can and as available to everyone as much as possible. I take this role very seriously as I believe having a safe environment to grow community online is especially important. 

A little bit about me that I might not have mentioned in my original intro: I'm a university student studying feminist studies and I am a trained DV advocate. I enjoy the idea of helping out as much as I can, so that's something that motivated me to seek out this position. I'm also very excited about computers, tech, and the internet a lot so I feel both of those intersections fall well in this position. 

But yeah, if you need anything, or even if you just wanna chat, let me know! Glad to be of service! 
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