I love my town!

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Sep 2, 2018
Who here lives in a place where it's good to be LGBTQ+? I live in what has to be one of the best places in the world to be LGBTQ+. My entire State is an amazing place to live. Our Governor is an openly bisexual woman. I live in Oregon -- in Eugene, which is home to the University of Oregon whose sports teams are top flight. This town is dripping with music, all types from a World Class Symphony to Jazz, Blues, classic rock, contemporary, you name it. we've got it -- the arts, fine and performing. We have two beautiful rivers running right through town, one has World Class rapids, the other, World Class fishing (salmon). We're an hour from the Pacific ocean, and in the other direction, an hour from World Class skiing. We're (Kind of) the Track and Field Capitol of the World. But, by far, the best part about this town (most of this State) is that it is profoundly gender blind, preference blind, color blind, status blind -- everything blind. And I mean BLIND! One of the places I sing Karaoke is a hard-core biker bar -- the kind of place you'd think I'd be taking my life in my hands, just to walk into, but I am completely accepted and respected by everyone -- I am treated like a lady, by the kind of people who, almost anywhere else would beat me to a pulp. The one time someone came at me with ill intent in that bar, damned near the entire bar exploded into action, grabbed the guy, took him out on the smoking deck and threw him over the railing into the concrete and gravel parking lot (*ouch*). Turned out, he was just passing through -- a local would never have even acknowledged that I was in any way different. Bigots and haters are the endangered species here -- they are the ones who have to hide in a closet. Anyway, if someone is looking for a good place to relocate to, I highly recommend Eugene, Oregon. You cannot be different enough to even raise an eyebrow here. I love my town!
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