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Sep 2, 2018

I'm Audry or Audry Leigh. I'm an older (we'll leave that undefined) Transsexual Lesbian. I've been out as a Woman for almost 10 years, and am just past the 2 year point on hormone therapy. I am an avid Karaoke singer (Karaoke junkie, more like). My BFF and I go out 5 or 6 nights a week to various Karaoke clubs, and usually close the bar down. I'm too damned old to be closing bars down but don't tell me that, I don't want to know (lol). I've been active on another LGBTQ+ site for a couple of years, and am anxious to see what this site has to offer. I tend to be long winded -- on the other site I'm on, there is kind of a joke going around that "Audry doesn't know how to write short posts." I'm retired now -- was a very high level compute programmer as my last career. Before that I was an engineer (electronics), an electronic repair technician, a steel worker (one of the oldest and largest steel mills in the country -- nasty job), an engineering aide for the City of Peoria, Illinois, a Harley Davidson mechanic, and a retail sales clerk. I have done a lot of very different things in all the years I've been on this planet, including a stint working in the deepest, darkest, most highly classified reaches of 13 different governments (pretty much, the Free World). I'm not religious, per se', but am a very spiritual person, subscribing most closely to the Native American concept of spirituality. As I don't subscribe to the doctrines of any specific religion, I'm not exactly a Christian, but do believe in and follow the teachings of Jesus, though not necessarily as they are spelled out in the Bible. My BFF, housemate, Karaoke buddy, and in-home care provider is a genuine Cherokee Princess -- great granddaughter of the last of the true Cherokee Chieftains and, also part Sioux, directly descended from Sitting Bull. It is a profound privilege to have her as a friend. Anyway, that's a brief summary of some of the more significant things about me.


Audry Leigh


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May 6, 2018
Welcome to the Forum Audry!

I've always wanted to go do karaoke but never really did because I can get stage shy. I'd love to go to one of those karaoke places with the private rooms with me and some friends, but since I'm a broke college student that might not happen anytime soon! Maybe one day I can either go to those private ones or build up the courage to actually go up on stage and sing karaoke!

That's a long impressive list of careers you have! Hopefully now you can have a restful retirement; you've really done so much!

Religion is an interesting thing to me, and the spiritual teachings of Native Americans is something I know very little about. Hopefully, if you are interested in sharing with everyone some things about that, I bet it would be an interesting time! I like the teachings of Jesus too, I think the stories that the Bible describes it might be misinterpreted most of the time though, and I haven't quite seen any other text that describes Jesus's teachings other than the Bible. Lots to learn!

Hope you have a great time here at the forum!


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May 1, 2018
Hi Audry, please forgive me for the late in welcoming you! I set up this forum, but I didn't even have much time for it, my bad! Thank you for spending time writing here and introduced yourself (I wished I could do that so naturally). This forum doesn't offer much as of now, but I hope it will grow in the near future.
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