Hi all

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May 6, 2018
I'm a bit late doing this, but hey everyone I'm Haley, I am a Lesbian Trans girl who is super interested in neurology, and Tropical Cyclones. I am a Major nerd in various topics and a practicing witch. Nice to meet you all though I'm likely not going to speak much as I tend to be a forum reader rather than poster usually I will speak if I feel I have good input for a thread.
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May 6, 2018
Welcome to the forum Haley!

The combination of neurology and tropical cyclones would be interesting to see, though I know it's probably to separate ideas you're interested in. I'd be interested in knowing the various topics you're a huge nerd in, as you say, and you can always share if you so wish in the off-topics discussion!

No worries if you just want to read! We're small and steadily growing so feel free to input as much as you feel comfortable. If you run into any trouble, know that me and self, the admin, are here to help! I'm a mod just so you know a point of contact.

Hope you enjoy the forum and rest of your day.


Staff member
May 1, 2018
Hi Haley,

Glad to see you here!

Sorry for the late welcome as I wasn't quite well for the past few days! Being a forum reader is definitely fine. I tend to be one sometimes.