Hello, I'm Tranime

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New Member
Aug 2, 2019
New York, NY
Hello, I'm Tranime. Transsexual YouTuber who tends to get banned from everything no matter how nice I play along. My goals are to build bridges, find balance, and hopefully generate some peace. However, the constant hostility is making this goal difficult to obtain.
I'm very much in to technology, I have an appreciate for anime, and I quite enjoy video games. Pleasure to meet you all.


Rainbow Members
Nov 20, 2018
Hi Tranime, pleased to meet another outspoken, battle hardened campaigner! I like to dispel ignorance and misinformation about what being transgender is all about too, particularly the bit where some people think we are TG because we want to be, because it's fashionable or whatever the heck else they put it down to. No one chooses to be hated, ostracised, spat at, bashed, abused or murdered for being themselves. I reserve my most special venom for those who call us, and most especially trans kids, such things as an abomination, demon spawn, freaks and that we should be burned to death because of a hater's own mental shortcomings. Otherwise, I'm really very friendly and a total social butterfly who loves people most of the time. I'm intersex, a wonderful melange of male and female characteristics, mellowed by age but tempered by rage.
There's been many things in my life which have tried to put me in my final place of rest, but so far I've come out best and I'll not give less than my best, either to you or any of the rest.

:) xx

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